Lyrics – Where’s Gary by Spongebob Squarepant

Spongebob Squarepant – Where’s Gary lyrics

I wonder how things went so wrong
I turned around and he was gone
(Where’s Gary)

Now Im Searching for a little sign
a trail of slime he left behind
Cause I’m so lonely all the time
(oh where has gary gone)

It torches me all night and day
(Where’s Gary)
What could of made you run away
(Where’s Gary)
What can I say what can I do
please let me make it up to you

I want to hear your meow
Oh Where has gary gone
My precious snail where can you be
maybe your behind that tree
I’ve looked high and i’ve looked low
let me know where did you go

(Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow)

Cr :

I miss his face I miss his smell, his collar with its little bell
Now my life’s just an empty shell
oh where has gary gone

Your leach is hanging on the hook
Your empty bowl I just can’t look
The paths and trail we used to roam
has lead from our happy home
and now I take my walks alone

So if you see that little guy
(Where’s Gary!)
Won’t you tell him I apologize
(Where’s Gary)
Each night I ask his empty bed was it something that I said
The little voice inside my head says (where has Gary gone!)
Cr :
Oh, oh where has Gary gone!
Tell me where has Gary gone!

Where’s Gary?
Where’s Gary?

(Where’s Gary?)
Was that you?
(Where’s Gary?)

(Where’s Gary?)
Gary, are you out there?
(Where’s Gary?)

Gary, if you’re out there
Meow once for yes
(Where’s Gary?)
And twice for no

(Where’s Gary?)
Oh Gary
(Where’s Gary?)
Come on Gary
Who wants to go for a walk?

(Where’s Gary?)
Come on Gary
Who wants to go for a walk?

Writer(s): Thomas Kenny, Andy Paley
Copyright: Music By Nickelodeon Inc., Mtvn Nickelodeon Notes Inc

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